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When we think about a Farm Holiday...

A farm holidays is not a hotel in the countryside. This farm is primarily an agricultural holding.

We realize that the farm is not a hotel in the country even before our arrival, when confirming a reservation, we are recommended to warn the farmer with a phone call from the mobile phone when we are about to take the last fork: he will leave his work ( "you know, we're plowing ..") and will come to greet us.

We notice immediately that there isn't a permanently manned reception, like in hotels in the countryside, so sometimes we have to guess where to go, maybe leaving bags on the threshing and "targeting" a bunch of people that are intent on their work in the barn or between fields.

If during the day we need something, in the farmhouse, unlike the hotel in the country, we have to learn the road to the house of the "hosts", or the kitchen, where her elderly mother is preparing something for dinner.
Or scan the horizon, with eyes and ears, to guess whether the farmers "are working" in the garden or in the vineyard.

The times in which guests had to bring with them the sheets from home are a distant memory, while it is not still normal that in a farmhouse the staff provide every day to clean up the room.
In hotels in the country this would seem inconceivable, the farmhouse has the taste of a nice "make do " that allows you to sleep as much as you like, to come and go at will, without the surprise of finding someone with a broom and a basket of laundry.

In a hotel it is becoming an habit the fact that the sheets are not changed every day informing the guest that detergents pollute, and water is scarce (the change is made twice a week or on request), this habit in a farmhouse there has always been because they wash their own sheets and time is precious. Who, at home, change the sheets so often? Why should he?

In the farmhouses, with all modern comforts, maybe even with air conditioning and a Jacuzzi, there are the features of the guesthouse of the old days, now endangered, where the guests could find the lodge deserted and guess where is the farmer thanks to the scent of cooking, already intense in the early hours of the morning.
It may not have a flawless organization, but it suggests much cordiality. And this, especially on holiday, delight the guests.




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